CelerData, a unified analytics platform for the modern, real-time enterprise, has announced the latest version of its enterprise analytics platform, CelerData Version 3. With the release of CelerData V3, lakehouse users have the option to conduct high-performance analytics without ingesting data into a central data warehouse. Compared to other common query engines, CelerData improves query performance by at least 3 times while significantly reducing infrastructure cost.

New Features in CelerData V3, include:

  • Cloud Native Architecture
    CelerData 3 cloud native architecture leverages cloud object storage to improve reliability and reduce storage cost.
  • It also enables better workload and resource isolation so that users can create different warehouses for different use cases.
  • With this feature CelerData now supports multi-AZ availability in the cloud.
  • High performance data lake analytics
    By integrating with open table formats such as Hudi, Iceberg, and Delta Lake, customers can now enjoy the industry-leading performance of CelerData query engine on a data lake without data ingestion.
  • Unlike other data lake query engines, CelerData users have the option to bring data into its own storage format on the lake for the best query performance.
  • A local caching layer can be enabled to improve remote I/O performance.
    Multi-table materialized views can be created to further improve query performance.
  • Real-time streaming analytics on data lakehouse
    Most enterprises use a separate platform for streaming analytics. With CelerData 3, streaming data analytics and data lake analytics are unified into one platform, eliminating the roadblocks for real-time insights on a data lakehouse.
  • Multi-Table Materialized View simplifies data pipelines
    Materialized views can be built from multiple joint base tables to speed up query performance.
  • Users can now ingest raw data and transform data within CelerData, significantly simplifying the data processing pipeline.

Powered by StarRocks, the open-source database for real-time analytics, CelerData enables blazing-fast business intelligence that accelerates digital transformation. CelerData Version 3 will be generally available in early April 2023.

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