Celona has launched its Edgeless Enterprise architecture that enables uniform orchestration of vital network connectivity, edge computing, and security services.

Based on the transformative principles of 5G technology, Celona’s Edgeless Enterprise is an architectural approach that converges network services, enterprise applications, cybersecurity tools, and WAN optimization on cloud-native edge computing platforms that can be deployed anywhere.

It provides an all-in-one network service overlay that offers policy-based routing, QoS, and security segmentation functions. It also takes advantage of granular 5G network slicing principles to guarantee key service levels and a consistent application delivery experience.

Celona’s approach supports the convergence of radio access network (RAN), application, and network service traffic, automatically shifting the delivery route of services based on performance, policy requirements, and network paths’ real-time health.

The use of SDN (Software Defined Networking) principles within the Celona platform allows for a separation of the 5G network control plane from the data plane. While the control plane manages higher-level functions such as mobility, authentication, and network resource management, the data plane performs traffic encryption, app-specific service level guarantees, enterprise network integration, and policy-based routing for each individual application slice.

With Celona’s patent-pending MicroSlicing technology, application traffic can be automatically identified, secured, and routed per slice and enterprise policy.

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