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Chaos Carnival 2022: ChaosNative Launches 2nd Edition Of Virtual Chaos Engineering Conference


ChaosNative has announced the second edition of their two-day virtual Chaos Engineering conference, Chaos Carnival 2022, taking place on January 27-28, 2022. Apart from the expected great sessions from speakers all over the globe, the conference will host a panel discussion and four Chaos Engineering workshops on Chaos for SLO-based operations, Chaos for Developers, Chaos in CI/CD, and Chaos APIs.

The call for papers (CFPs) is now open for SREs, chaos practitioners, chaos tools developers, and anyone interested in sharing their experiences with Chaos Engineering.

“Chaos Engineering has grown tremendously in the last few years, as evidenced by the emergence of new tools, services, and companies. Lots of new career options are being created around Chaos Engineering. The first edition created a lot of great content around chaos engineering that is serving new learners in this space. We are looking forward to having great interactions between attendees and speakers this year,” said Niti Suryawanshi, the organizing team lead of Chaos Carnival.

In another announcement, ChaosNative also now offers free monthly workshops on Cloud Native Chaos Engineering. Interested chaos enthusiasts can register here and collaborate on ChaosNative slack.