The CIA has awarded part of its massive cloud computing contract to five of the largest cloud service providers—Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft and Oracle, said a report by Nextgov.

The agency didn’t reveal the value of the contract.

However, the long-awaited Commercial Cloud Enterprise (C2E) contract is speculated to be worth “tens of billions” to provide 17 intelligence agencies with a range of cloud service options, as earlier reported by the Washington Business Journal.

The C2E contract is a follow-on of the 10-year, $600 million Commercial Cloud Enterprise (C2S) contract awarded to AWS in 2013 to provide a range of cloud computing services.

The new contract requires the five cloud providers to compete for specific “task orders” at different security classification levels, issued by the CIA for itself along with 16 other intelligence agencies.

Further, the C2E contract will have a 15-year period of performance.

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