CIQ, the founding support and services partner of Rocky Linux, has successfully containerized OpenRadioss, the open-source version of the powerful multiphysics design tool Altair Radioss. Using open-source Apptainer, CIQ engineers have containerized OpenRadioss crash simulation code and demonstrated successful deployment on a crash model for the Toyota Camry.

Although OpenRadioss code can be downloaded by anyone for free, deployment of the source code typically requires that engineers create a custom build (i.e., executable application) for their specific infrastructure. Containerization of the OpenRadioss code using Apptainer accomplishes this multi-step task and eliminates the need for modeling engineers to become experts in builds and deployment of open-source code to different architecture and hardware targets. Simply put, in its containerized form OpenRadioss is ready to be installed on nearly any type of host environment.

The benefits of containerizing OpenRadioss with Apptainer include: creates a binary image from a specific version of OpenRadioss source, simplifies deployment across a range of user systems from workstations to clusters to cloud, and also adds cryptographic signing capabilities for security and zero-trust environments.

Earlier this month, Altair open sourced Radioss. OpenRadioss is now freely available for engineers who are interested in simulating automotive crash and safety, shock and impact analysis, electronic and consumer goods drop testing, fluid structure interactions, and more.

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