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CIQ Fuzzball Empowers Teams To Use Their Computing Resources In The Cloud Or On-premises


CIQ, the company behind Rocky Linux, has launched Fuzzball. As the company puts it, the tool, for the first time, unifies the power of infrastructure optimized for all Performance Intensive Computing (PIC) workloads like sophisticated research, scientific modeling, AI/ML and compute and data analytics with the agility and choice that enterprises have come to expect with hyperscale cloud computing.

Fuzzball provides a single platform that combines the best of both worlds into an entirely new computing paradigm that CIQ calls “HPC 2.0.” The software offers a turnkey, Kubernetes-based, hybrid computing infrastructure stack that empowers users with more control, administrators with more reach, and organizations with more productivity. It manages the data and compute lifecycle of performance-intensive workloads in hybrid cloud environments, allowing scientists, researchers and analysts to easily develop and execute their critical workloads anywhere to optimize resources and performance.

According to CIQ, Fuzzball delivers all the long-awaited advantages of hybrid cloud to supercomputing, including automated pipelines, resource optimization, identity and access management, absolute reproducibility, accountability, supply chain management, controls, data management and dynamic provisioning.

CIQ supports AWS and on-premises environments at launch, with Google Compute Platform and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure coming shortly thereafter.