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CircleCI Introduces New Self-Hosted Container Runner


CircleCI, the continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform, has announced new features and integrations to enhance security and automation practices for today’s software developers. The new self-hosted container runner is designed to provide more flexibility and security to help developers ease the burden of infrastructure management with greater traceability.

CircleCI’s self-hosted runners extend its powerful CI engine to any unique infrastructure or security use case, allowing enterprise teams or those in highly regulated industries the ability to choose their own infrastructure for running jobs, have more control over their environments, build and test on a wider variety of architectures, and more.

CircleCI’s self-hosted runner portfolio provides teams the ability to self-host the infrastructure for their CI/CD pipelines while leveraging the robust features of CircleCI Cloud.

Teams can specify Docker images for CI/CD jobs with one line in their configuration. Teams can integrate with Kubernetes APIs to spin up and down ephemeral pods that each execute CI/CD jobs, providing an enhanced level of scaling by design.

Customers have access to thousands of CircleCI orbs through CircleCI’s Technology Partner Program, which launched in November 2018. CircleCI orbs bundle CircleCI configuration into reusable packages that enable users to perform thousands of out-of-the-box use cases without the need for complex configuration. The functionality, flexibility, and control that these orbs provide make CircleCI the fastest and most reliable route to achieve success.