Cloud Foundry Summit

The Cloud Foundry Foundation kicked off the Cloud Foundry Virtual Summit today, featuring news on the latest release of cf-for-k8s (Cloud Foundry for Kubernetes), new community organizational structure, as well as news from MinIO, SAP and VMware.

Announced today, the latest version of cf-for-k8s (v5) includes core Cloud Foundry component updates that add new operational capabilities for users. V5 now supports kpack v0.3.1 and Istio v1.9.5, and is capable of being installed on Kubernetes clusters running v1.18 through v1.20. The project improved the upgrade process for underlying Istio service mesh networking components, and has been updated to support the latest generation of Paketo buildpacks.

The Foundation also announced the formation of a Technical Oversight Committee (TOC), reorganizing how the Cloud Foundry open-source community operates. New TOC members are: Jan von Loewenstein (SAP), Eric Malm (VMware), Stephan Merker (SAP), Lee Porte (GOV.UK) Chairperson — will also hold a seat on the Cloud Foundry Foundation’s Governing Board and David Stevenson (VMware).

The TOC will take the place of the former Project Management Committee (PMC) and is responsible for the oversight, direction, and delivery of technical aspects of the Cloud Foundry projects and working groups.

Most importantly, the role of the TOC will be to enable the user community to do good work in an open and transparent way, while helping to maintain the integrity of the project used by so many organizations around the world.

Special events during the Virtual Summit include a keynote by Coraline Ada Ehmke who is creator of the Contributor Covenant and founder and executive director of The Organization for Ethical Source (OES), Hands-On Labs, Project Office Hours, and Community Awards.

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