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Cloud Foundry Foundation Turns 5


The Cloud Foundry Foundation, home to open source projects helping build the future of cloud applications, is celebrating its 5th anniversary.

Officially launched in January 2015 with more than 40 members as an independent not-for-profit Linux Foundation Collaborative Project, the Foundation projects include Cloud Foundry Application Runtime, Cloud Foundry Container Runtime, BOSH, Open Service Broker API, Eirini, Project Quarks, Abacus, CF-Local, CredHub, ServiceFabrik, Stratos, and more.

The Cloud Foundry project comprises of Cloud Foundry Elastic Runtime (now Cloud Foundry Application Runtime) and BOSH.

In 2016, Abby Kearns was named Executive Director of Cloud Foundry Foundation. Talking about huge potential for cloud adoption and broad deployment within organizations, Kearns said: “While 60 percent of organizations we surveyed late last year agree that the benefit of moving to cloud is undeniable, nearly a quarter reported that their organizations were still evaluating cloud.”

“As one of the larger open source projects sitting front and center in the cloud native universe, we continue to move the needle forward, working in tandem with hyperscale cloud providers and open source communities to ensure the future of technology and business is still people-first,” Kearns added.

For the uninitiated, Cloud Foundry is hosted by The Linux Foundation and is an Apache 2.0 licensed project available on Github.