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Cloud Foundry Is A Developer Experience For Kubernetes | Chip Childers


“The Cloud Foundry community has essentially reinvented the technology that it’s been working on for a very long time,” said Chip Childers, Executive Director of Cloud Foundry Foundation. “Cloud Foundry is now without a doubt, a developer experience for Kubernetes and our community offers different paths to it.”

There is now a way to bridge the feature set provided by the classic virtual-machine-based architecture to one that is designed to help users get started with Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes clusters in less than 10 minutes.

When Childers took over the helm of Cloud Foundry, he said that the Cloud Foundry community had a new north star:  to transition to a Kubernetes-based architecture. This Summit demonstrated the progress made towards that transition. Everyone at the event—users, contributors, and vendors—had a Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes story.  “The whole industry’s kind of refocusing on what we’ve been focused on for a long time,” he said.