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Cloud Foundry Is Helping With Cost Efficiency Through A Tailored, Open Source Platform


Note: This video is part of our monthly series “T3M” aka “TFiR Topic Of The Month”; the topic for January was Cost Cutting vs Cost Efficiency.

Guest: Catherine McGarvey (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Company/Foundation: VMware (Twitter) | Cloud Foundry Foundation (CFF) (Twitter)

In this episode of TFiR: T3M, Swapnil Bhartiya sits down with Catherine McGarvey, Chair of Cloud Foundry Foundation (CFF) and Vice President of Software Engineering at VMware, to talk about the current cost-cutting trends she is seeing and how Cloud Foundry helps companies become more cost efficient in this economy.

Cost-cutting trends in the market:    

  • Cloud spend and T&E (travel and expense) are the two levers that companies are looking at how to put more controls on.
  • Managing cloud spend is one of the easiest ways companies can clamp down on by evaluating how well they are utilizing their environment.

CFF helps companies become more cost effective by:

  • By bringing ‘developer’ experience to Kubernetes environments, Cloud Foundry is helping companies control their cloud spend.
  • Helping companies gain efficiency by focusing less on development and more on smaller, focused teams to help with getting more reach in the market.
  • Offering a tailored, open-source cloud platform to change the context of where developers are focusing — from “Hey, I want a space, or I want an environment, and it needs to have this type of HA or environment,” to “Hey, I have an app and I want it running and stable,” — to help them get a new environment up and running efficiently.

Cloud Foundry and the Kubernetes Ecosystem

  • Whether it’s a data service, or an app or a function, Kubernetes has really changed the game for what the new ecosystem is where you can run any workload.
  • When we talk about the developer experience, it’s actually about the discovery of what exists and the self-service capability and the definition of what’s approved or not approved associated with that.
  • As Kubernetes adoption increases, Cloud Foundry embraces this tectonic shift in the industry to help organizations maximize efficiency.
  • McGarvey believes it’s smarter for companies to go down that path as it motivates them to invest in the community and ensures it’s aligned to their long-term interest associated with it as well.

This summary was written by Monika Chauhan.