VideoCoin Network has partnered with Storj Labs to enhance its next-gen video infrastructure solution. The partnership will incorporate Storj Lab’s Tardigrade solution into VideoCoin Network’s Innovators Program.

VideoCoin Network’s Innovators Program assembles next-generation video solutions to enable the decentralized future of video services.

For media customers of the VideoCoin Network, Tardigrade can provide both long term, reliable storage for transcoded assets and serve as origin servers for customers’ preferred CDN providers.

By joining VideoCoin’s Innovators program, Storj Labs enhances the VideoCoin Network infrastructure. Key benefits include user access to the first decentralized storage solution backed by SLAs, “guaranteeing 99.9999999% durability, with drop in S3-compatibility.”

It also includes access to the global network of nodes on the Storj Network, which will “offer media companies storage at a fraction of the cost of centralized cloud providers like AWS.”

The VideoCoin Network, a decentralized video infrastructure platform, became commercially available in May 2020.

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