The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) has announced the graduation of cloud native storage tool Rook.

To move from the maturity level of incubation to graduation Rook is claimed to have demonstrated growing adoption, an open governance process, feature maturity, and a strong commitment to community, sustainability, and inclusivity.

Rook delivers its services via a Kubernetes Operator for each storage provider. It was originally accepted as a CNCF project in 2018. It is the 13th CNCF project, and the first project based on block, file, or object storage, to graduate.

Since joining CNCF, user adoptions, the community ecosystem, and project maturity have been steadily growing and improving. Rook is being used in production by several companies, including Calit2 UCSD, Finleap Connect, Geodata, and many others.

The maintainer team currently consists of 7 members, with a distribution of organizations including Cloudical, Nexenta, Red Hat, Suse, and Upbound.

Since becoming an incubating project in September 2018, contributors to the core Rook repository have grown by 260% from 90 to 279. Over the last 12 months, 184 distinct contributors have authored more than 1,140 pull requests.

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