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CNCF Survey Reveals Massive Increase In Container Usage


According to the recently published results of the CNCF Survey for 2019, the use of cloud native projects in production continues to grow with many projects reaching more than 50% use in production.

This includes more than half of CNCF’s graduated projects: Kubernetes (78%), Prometheus (72%), CoreDNS (69%), Fluentd (64%), and contianerd (53%). Additionally, all graduated projects saw an increase in use in production.

Overall, the results of the survey show that the use of many cloud native technologies has become ubiquitous. Cloud native software is simplifying the building of complex applications, while at the same time enabling organizations to build and deploy these applications faster.

Containers have become the norm, reaching 84% use in production this year, up from 23% in our first survey in 2016. This is a result of organizations having more trust in containers, and using them more in user-facing applications. Many new projects in serverless, service mesh, and storage are emerging as popular ways to manage or work in conjunction with containers, as per the Survey.

Of those who are using serverless, 80% use a hosted platform vs. 20% who use installable software. Of those using a hosted platform, the top tool is AWS Lambda (53%).

An increase in both the number and reliability of (CI/CD) tools is driving a decrease in manual release cycles and causing release cycles to accelerate.