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CNCF TOC Votes To Move KEDA From Sandbox To Incubation


The CNCF Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) has voted to promote KEDA from the CNCF Sandbox to an incubating project. Kubernetes Event-Driven Autoscaling (KEDA) is a single-purpose event-driven autoscaler for Kubernetes that can be easily added to Kubernetes clusters to scale applications. It aims to simplify application autoscaling and optimize for cost by supporting scale-to-zero.

While in Sandbox, the team also added TriggerAuthentication and ClusterTriggerAuthentication, which allow users to move authentication information out of their application, providing production-grade security and allow for re-use. With the help of the community, KEDA has gone from 12 scalers to 37 in the latest release.

KEDA is well integrated into the CNCF community. It extends Kubernetes autoscaling to allow users to focus on their application rather than the autoscaling infrastructure. It works well with Virtual Kubelet to build an autoscaling sweet spot, and the community supports scaling based on CNCF projects like Prometheus and NATS.

The team is looking to integrate with other projects such as SMI and CloudEvents.

As an incubating project, KEDA is planning an extensive roadmap. In the future, maintainers plan to introduce new scalers and secret sources, add first-class support for HTTP-based autoscaling, introduce historical analysis and predictive scaling, improve overall performance, and more.