Cobalt, the Pentest as a Service (PtaaS) company that is modernizing the traditional pentesting model, has announced the launch of Agile Pentesting. According to the company, the new offering provides more control and flexibility to better meet the needs of today’s businesses through versatile, ad hoc pentesting.

Agile Pentesting allows organizations to proactively identify and address vulnerabilities at a faster, more frequent rate to minimize risk. In contrast to what Cobalt calls Comprehensive Pentesting, which is often done in support of business drivers like compliance or M&A activity, the new offering helps accelerate customers’ DevOps journeys while aligning with their CI/CD pipelines.

Agile Pentesting allows organizations to focus on a specific area of an asset, such as a new feature or product release, specific vulnerability, or incremental testing. Other common use cases include delta feature testing, exploitable vulnerability testing, single OWASP category testing and microservice testing. Cobalt’s pentest offerings cover assorted use cases to provide holistic security testing with PtaaS.

Customers can start running Agile Pentests in the Cobalt platform on October 3, 2022.

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