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Cobwebs Technologies Enters US Market


Cobwebs Technologies has forayed into the US market with an office in New York City. The open-source web intelligence company supports national security agencies in identifying and locating malicious threat actors on the open, deep, and dark webs.

Designed by intelligence experts with operational experience in the field, Cobwebs is a machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) powered web intelligence and investigation platform with strong Natural Language Processing capabilities. It extracts targeted intelligence from Big Data and automatically generates intelligent insights.

The Cobwebs platform works in a similar manner to an Internet search engine. An investigator inputs search terms relevant to the case they are working, ranging from names, keywords, hashtags, locations, websites, social media accounts, photographs, batches of numbers including telephone numbers, and cryptocurrency wallets. With one click, the platform initiates a deep search through open-source information located on all layers of the web and on all social media platforms and blogs.

As soon as data is located that matches the search term requirements, it is analyzed and displayed on an intuitive user dashboard. With this, investigators are able to identify threat actors and new threats, prevent incidents, confirm and validate evidence, or rule out irrelevant information.

After establishing offices in Singapore, New Delhi, Cobwebs is also planning to soon open new offices in London and Frankfurt.