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CockroachDB Dedicated Now Generally Available On Microsoft Azure


Cockroach Labs today announced at its annual customer conference RoachFest that CockroachDB Dedicated is now generally available on-demand across all three major cloud providers (Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform).

According to the company, CockroachDB-as-a-Service on Azure unlocks effortless resilience and scalability, operational efficiency, and easy multi-region deployments to support local performance and data compliance, all while operating on and integrating with the Microsoft ecosystem. Now, with CockroachDB dedicated for all three major clouds, users can run data-intensive applications anywhere and everywhere, effortlessly. With CockroachDB, organizations can choose between cloud providers or across multiple cloud providers, and can easily mix workloads between owned data centers and public cloud providers.

Cockroach Labs also released multi-region capabilities for its consumption-based, auto-scaling offering, CockroachDB serverless. The update allows customers to distribute rows of data across multiple cloud regions, while still functioning as a single logical database and paying only for the exact storage and compute uses. With both legacy or existing cloud database solutions, the complexity and cost attached to spinning up a new region adds up very quickly.

Additional feature updates released today include:

  • Augmenting the CockroachDB MOLT (Migrate Off Legacy Technology) suite of tools is CockroachDB MOLT Live Migration Service. This new feature, available in Preview, allows CockroachDB customers to migrate mission-critical applications to CockroachDB without disrupting end-users. Teams can test and validate applications at production scale before migrating, ensuring a smooth migration process and ideal end-user experience.
  • Deeper observability support for Datadog, plus migration support for both Oracle Golden Gate and Debezium.