Cockroach Labs, the company behind CockroachDB, has announced the realization of its vision to enable customers to run a best of breed distributed database everywhere and anywhere effortlessly. With the launch of CockroachDB-as-a-service running on Microsoft Azure in limited access, CockroachDB is now available on-demand across all three major cloud providers (with existing product availability on AWS and Google Cloud Platform).

In addition, CockroachDB’s serverless, on-consumption data platform now allows users to read and write data across multiple geographically distributed regions. Paying only for the exact amount of data stored and usage of that data on the CockroachDB serverless platform dramatically reduces the cost of operating a global business and makes data-intensive, multi-region applications accessible to companies of any size.

Cockroach Labs’ database-as-a-service on Azure (now available in limited access) unlocks effortless resilience and scalability, operational efficiency, and easy multi-region deployments to support local performance and data compliance, all while operating on and integrating with the Microsoft ecosystem. Now, with CockroachDB dedicated for all three major clouds, users can run data-intensive applications anywhere and everywhere, effortlessly. With CockroachDB, organizations can choose between cloud providers or across multiple cloud providers, and can easily mix workloads between owned data centers and public cloud providers.

Cockroach Labs also released multi-region capabilities for its consumption-based, auto-scaling offering, CockroachDB serverless. The update allows customers to distribute rows of data across multiple cloud regions, while still functioning as a single logical database and paying only for the exact storage and compute uses. With both legacy or existing cloud database solutions, the complexity and cost attached to spinning up a new region adds up very quickly.

CockroachDB MOLT now enables easier migrations from legacy databases like Oracle, Postgres, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server.

Additionally, several enhancements have been made to CockroachDB MOLT, including MOLT Verify which validates migrated data from Postgres and MySQL to ensure correct replication and a smoother syntax conversion in bulk changes, authentication of Postgres and MySQL. clusters, and more intuitive workflows.

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