Codefresh has launched what it claims to be the world’s first live CI/CD debugging tool to troubleshoot and fix bugs in complex pipelines. The Codefresh pipeline debugger works similar to an integrated development environment (IDE) debugger.

Developers can place breakpoints on one or more pipeline steps and once the pipeline hits one of them, it will pause and a debugging window will open. Users can then test commands, explore the state of the pipeline, and identify required changes.

“The initial feedback from our users piloting live debugging has been very positive. They love how much faster and easier the CI/CD pipeline creation process is when engineers are able to test, troubleshoot, and fix their pipelines with this new tool,” said Raziel Tabib, Founder and CEO of Codefresh.

Live debugging will be rolling out to all Codefresh customers on a Pro plan or higher in the coming weeks.

At Kubecon next week, Tabib will be available to discuss the CI/CD debugging tool as well as other features. These include a new filter view on the Builds tab, providing one global view that shows build projects for all projects across an organization, and a project-based view from the setting inside an individual project.

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