Codefresh has announced Codefresh Runner to help engineers selectively run pipelines on their own Kubernetes cluster, including private clusters that are behind a company firewall.

The Codefresh runner is a Kubernetes native application that is installed on any Kubernetes compliant cluster. It comes with these features:

  • Access to secure services (such as Git repositories or databases) that are behind the firewall and normally not accessible to the public cloud.
  • The ability to use special resources in your Codefresh pipeline that are unique to your application (i.e. GPU nodes or other special hardware only present in your data center).
  • Complete control over the build environment in addition to resources offered to your pipelines.
  • Virtually no maintenance overhead – Codefresh Runner is a native-Kubernetes application. It is said to follow all best practices of a cloud app and can be managed using your existing Kubernetes knowledge.

As Codefresh Runner is also running on a private cluster, it automatically gets access to any special resources inside the network of that cluster.

Customers who want special hardware such as GPU nodes or hardware encryption devices, for example, can still use Codefresh for all their CI/CD workflows by taking advantage of this special hardware while still enjoying the friendly Codefresh platform, the company said.

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