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Codenotary Adds Observability for Kubernetes And VMware Environments To Enhance DevOps Security


Codenotary has announced Kubernetes and VMware vSphere full-stack monitoring for operations and DevOps teams, providing all-in-one monitoring for Kubernetes and virtualized infrastructure. With many Kubernetes deployments running on virtualized infrastructure – like VMware vSphere – monitoring is still done separately which results in multiple information silos that need to be connected. Immutable Metrics & Logs from Codenotary delivers an all-in-one solution.

According to the company, Immutable Metrics & Logs monitors the full stack – from the application (Oracle, MS SQL, Apache Web Server, and more) all the way down to the VM, the container, or Kubernetes running in a VM, and the underlying network and storage hardware. Users can now detect bottlenecks at any layer while reducing cost and complexity.

Codenotary provides tools for cataloging and trusting components of the software development lifecycle which help attest to the origin and safety of the code.

To enhance this core functionality, the company provides an additional tamper-proof layer which processes and stores millions of transactions per second, on-premise or as a cloud service, and with cryptographic verification.