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Collabora Office 21.06 Features Improved Interoperability


Collabora Office 21.06, the new major release of Collabora Office, helps enhance the productivity of all users with design improvements, as well as smoothing document interchange through improved interoperability, LTS and L3 support, better performance and more.

Collabora Office has a great choice in user interfaces: a tabbed NotebookBar (for users familiar with recent Microsoft Office versions), as well as a traditional menus and toolbars. In addition we provide an optional side bar tool palette that makes best use of available horizontal screen space. With easy access to tools users can quickly find what they need.

An additional feature of Collabora Office 21.06 allows you to see a preview of the Graphical User Interface style to help you to choose the one that best serves your needs and habits. Certain new features, such as the new Style Preview widget discussed below, only fit inside specific UI modes.

The new Collabora Office provides users with the new features Styles Inspector and toolbar Style Preview.

The Style Inspector allows the user to inspect the rich hierarchical detail behind the styles (and direct formatting) applied to a cursor position in a Writer document. That makes it easy to diagnose the cause of unusual formatting in text documents and to clean it up.

Moreover, Collabora Office 21.06 helps enhance interoperability with improved PPTX filter, special effects on shapes, better spreadsheet formula, margins and much more.