Commit, the global tech services company focused on custom software and IoT solutions, has named Nathan Cayzer as the new Chief Customer Officer. The company said it created the new role to support rapidly rising demand for Commit’s services across North America, as well as the implementation of new staffing solutions to quickly source premium tech talent on demand.

Since Commit’s expansion into North America earlier this year, the company has increased its client base in the region by six times. As Chief Customer Officer, Cayzer will oversee this expanding client portfolio in North America, ensuring strategic growth and accountability across the company’s broadening international footprint.

In addition to increasing Commit’s customer base, Cayzer will oversee the delivery of services, establish and lead a team of client partners and optimize Commit’s growing talent pool of more than 600 multi-disciplinary experts.

He will also serve as a critical link for cultural alignment at a global level, and will manage the international rollout of Commit’s new and innovative team-building offerings.

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