“SoftIron is built on a premise that hardware matters; it’s not a throwaway.. Commoditization doesn’t necessarily lead to the best quality product from an efficiency, security or performance perspective. We take this slightly contrarian view that you can build a right-sized machine to do just one thing and one thing exceptionally well,” said Craig Chadwell.

Craig Chadwell, VP Product at SoftIron, joins us in the latest episode of Let’s Talk to talk about SoftIron HyperDrive, a software-defined, Ceph-based storage solution for enterprise customers. We talked about a wide range of topics including the importance of ‘bare metal’ or hardware in the ‘software’ and cloud-centric world. We also talked about edge computing which is all about hardware and may also lead to a new class of ‘developers’ who also specialize in hardware, furthering the evolution of DevOps culture.

Guest: Craig Chadwell (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Company:  SoftIron
Topics: Ceph, Storage, Open Source

About the company: SoftIron creates some of the world’s best appliances for highly efficient, scale-out data center solutions, delivering industry-leading performance on all critical metrics including density, efficiency, capacity, speed, and heat emission.

About Guest: Craig Chadwell is the Vice President of Product for SoftIron, leading the company’s product strategy. Chadwell is responsible for managing SoftIron’s flagship HyperDrive storage, HyperSwitch networking, and HyperCast transcoding product families, and identifying and developing new product opportunities for SoftIron.

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