Exadel has announced the release of the latest version of its free, open-source facial recognition service. CompreFace 1.0 improves the user experience through UI, no-code options, ease of deployment, and additional integrations.

CompreFace Version 1.0 allows anyone to manage subjects and images with its user-friendly UI. This feature allows users to initialize the facial collection without any scripts or code. It also helps solve recognition problems by enabling users to check for correct images saved in each subject.

Postman documentation reduces the time-consuming task of implementing REST API requests in users’ programming languages by generating code snippets in the preferred language of the user. Users can also test CompreFace REST endpoints in real-time with pre-defined methods.

To speed up project development, CompreFace adds deployment instructions for AWS and CloudFormation scripts for easier installation and use in Amazon AWS. Also, users now have a single docker image version of CompreFace.

New integrations include facial recognition from CCTV in one place, managed by Home Assistant. CompreFace’s community created integrations that allow facial recognition with CCTV without writing any custom code with the open-source library Double Take. It connects Frigate, a Network Video Recorder (NVR) with real-time local object detection, with CompreFace for facial recognition. unRAID, a file server system, can also be integrated using CompreFace and Double Take templates.

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