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Corteza Service Cloud Released


Corteza has released Corteza Service Cloud, the free, open-source and self-hosted Salesforce Service Cloud alternative. Built on the Corteza Low-Code platform, it is said to help businesses deliver faster and more personalised service to their clients across multiple channels.

Corteza Service Cloud features: Case Management, Account & Contact Management, including entitlements, Product management, including entitlement templates for products, Knowledge Base, Process Automation, Advanced role-based permissions, Notifications, Advanced reporting, Record importing and exporting, Mobile ready (responsive design), and Enterprise messaging (via Corteza Messaging).

Customer service agents are provided with 360-degree overviews on cases, accounts and contacts. Entitlements, detailed product info and the knowledge base are easily accessible, empowering agents with the means they need to boost customer satisfaction.

Corteza Service Cloud is added to the core of the Corteza Platform, next to the Unified Workspace (like Google G Suite), Messaging (like Slack), a low-code environment for rapidly and securely delivering records-based management solutions and CRM (like Salesforce), the company added.