Nexon, a Virtual World games company, has selected Couchbase Capella Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) for greater developer agility. Harnessing the power of the cloud through Capella, Nexon achieved a faster time to market with its launch of Blue Archive, a new game first released in Korea in November 2021.

Using Capella, Nexon improved data management and replication across geographies. This allowed the company to get new markets up and running within 20 minutes as they rolled out across Asia, Europe and North America. Additionally, its developers experienced faster query speed, improved uptime and operational efficiency. Couchbase Capella’s high availability and distributed memory-first architecture resulted in a consistent performance experience for players as game adoption grew.

Capella is a fully managed DBaaS that offloads database management, reduces costs and delivers database flexibility for developers and performance at scale for enterprise applications. It’s real-time, memory-first architecture ensures millisecond responses for highly interactive and personalized applications while the price-performance ROI keeps improving as users scale. This means that Capella is uniquely suited to handle game virality and scale with user demand, the company added.

The mobile gaming market, expected to surpass $153 billion by 2027, has been experiencing unprecedented popularity and growth. In line with this trend, Nexon’s newly launched game, Blue Archive, has earned a game sales ranking of fourth on Google Play and eighth on the Apple App Store.

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