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Couchbase Capella Hosted Database-as-a-Service Now Available On AWS


Couchbase has announced its Couchbase Capella hosted Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) offering on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Capella delivers database flexibility for developers and performance at scale for enterprise applications, with the best price-performance of any DBaaS. Because Capella is fully managed and automated, customers can focus on development, improving their applications and reducing time to market, instead of worrying about operational database management efforts.

With Couchbase Capella, customers benefit from the latest features in Couchbase Server 7, which fuses the best aspects of relational databases like SQL queries and distributed ACID transactions with the flexibility of a modern JSON document database.

SQL users can develop against Couchbase Capella without learning another query language and they can deploy in just a few clicks. One management pane simplifies multi-cluster, multi-region and multi-cloud operations.

Also, developers get multi-model capabilities (document, key-value, full text search, analytics) and data structure flexibility allowing them to develop applications for operational, transactional and analytical workloads, all from a single vendor. Users can pick one of ten SDKs with their preferred programming language.

According to the company, Couchbase Capella’s unique real-time memory first architecture ensures millisecond responses for highly interactive and personalized applications while the price performance keeps improving as users scale.

The Couchbase Capella control plane is built on AWS and integrates over 20 AWS services into its architecture including Amazon EC2, Amazon EBS, AWS Lambda, Amazon GuardDuty and AWS Shield. Developers can connect their applications with AWS services, including Amazon S3, AWS Fargate, Amazon EKS, AWS Lambda and more at very low latency within a single interface.

Couchbase Capella is now available on AWS, with additional cloud providers becoming available in the future.