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Countdown To The First Incident Response Conference


Guest: John EganĀ  (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Company: Kintaba (Twitter)
Show: To The Point
Keyword: Incident Management

IRConf, the first conference dedicated to Incident Response, is due to take place on April 1, 2022. The half-day virtual conference for industry experts and new voices in incident response aims to form a new multidisciplinary community from across different organizations. John Egan, CEO and Co-Founder of Kintaba and the organizer of the conference, had initially looked to participate in an incident management conference but found that incident response was only featured as part of more generic industry conferences. IRConf boasts a fantastic line-up of experts speaking at the event. To find out more about the video, watch this video.

About John Egan: John Egan is CEO and cofounder at Kintaba, the modern incident response and management product for teams. Prior to Kintaba, John helped to lead enterprise products at Facebook.

About Kintaba: Kintaba is a modern incident management platform built by former Facebook engineers. It lets companies and teams implement best-practice incident response processes without the overhead, creating a seamless workflow for more effectively responding to major outages.