As President Biden takes immediate action to implement goal one of the National Strategy by establishing an organized COVID-19 Response structure, he promised data-driven response, technology and other resources to support state and local governments.

“The federal government will support state and local governments with data personnel, technology, and other resources,” Biden said in a letter introducing the national response strategy.

This will include efforts to support transparent, interoperable data reporting from local/state and health care systems on COVID-19 and the deployment and management of data support teams to federal, state and local public health agencies that need help providing timely, reliable data to the federal government.

“The purpose of the coordination will be to ensure data from states and localities on common metrics are collected, aggregated, shared, analyzed, and communicated in real time to support specific public health interventions,” the letter added.

The letter also said that federal agencies will make increased use of data to guide the public health response against COVID-19.

The federal government will also work on improving and clarifying existing COVID-19-specific websites to ensure that Americans can easily find information relevant to them on everything from testing, vaccines, testimonials, and all available public health guidance.

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