Crate.io has announced that CrateDB, the purpose-built database optimized for machine data use cases, is now a fully open source database solution.

With today’s release of CrateDB 4.5, all enterprise features of the database are available under the Apache 2.0 open source license for the self-deploy Community edition.

CrateDB is available as self-deploy to developers, and commercially on-prem and in any cloud including on Microsoft Azure and AWS.

CrateDB is a distributed SQL database built on top of a NoSQL foundation. It combines the familiarity of SQL with the scalability and data flexibility of NoSQL. This has made the database a popular choice for machine data, because CrateDB makes it easy to cost-efficiently handle the velocity, volume, and diversity of machine and log data.

As part of the new release, CrateDB 4.5 brings among, many other things, the following main Enterprise features to the Community edition: End of the 3-node use limit; Access to user management for multiple database users; Access to user privileges configuration; and Database management with authentication.

The CrateDB 4.5 self-deploy version is now available for download.

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