Cribl has announced the launch of a next-generation agent called Cribl Edge that allows organizations to auto-discover and centrally control mission-critical telemetry data for incorporation into analytics systems. Cribl is adding Edge to accompany Cribl Stream, the observability pipeline formerly known as LogStream.

According to the company, the combination of these solutions creates a massively distributed, scalable, and open observability infrastructure that offers radical choice and control over all observability data.

By distributing Cribl’s observability pipeline technology all the way to the edge, and adding the ability to centrally manage and auto-discover telemetry, Cribl Edge aims to alleviate the need for developers to anticipate data collection requirements. Cribl Edge also enables operations teams to discover relevant telemetry hidden in unknown and legacy applications that have limited tooling.

Developed along with Cribl Edge, Cribl is also releasing AppScope v1.0, providing operations teams with the ability to add dynamic instrumentation to applications at runtime, diagnose performance problems, observe application behavior, and collect instrumentation data as events and metrics.

Cribl Edge and AppScope 1.0 are now available. AppScope is available to developers at AppScope.dev, and is licensed under the open source Apache 2.0 license.

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