Kubernetes, Ship

CTO.ai has announced the launch of its serverless Kubernetes platform that makes it easy for developers to deploy and manage their cloud native applications.

By simplifying the way developers deploy and manage their cloud native apps, the new platform aims to address the $300 billion lost annually in developer productivity.

The CTO.ai platform enables developers to easily manage all of their CI/CD, staging, and production systems on top of a shared Kubernetes cluster, without forcing them to manage Kubernetes directly. As deployments scale, companies have the option to offload their cost of compute to public cloud providers like AWS via the CTO.ai service mesh, which enables them to bring down their cost to scale and internalize their infrastructure operations directly.

The platform also monitors delivery workflows and provides stakeholders delivery insights so they can better understand their operational cadence for estimation or planning.

Deploying the first application using the CTO.ai platform is free and includes hosting for the CI/CD pipeline, as well as GitOps and ChatOps workflows.

As deployments scale, services for managed application deployments are $19 per service per month; pipelines to build, test, and release with CI/CD are $14 per service per month; and custom GitOp and SlackOps workflows are $7 per service per month.

Data insights to measure delivery across all tools is $99 per team per month. Free support is available via Slack and email.

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