ZeroFox has acquired dark web threat intelligence company Vigilante for an undisclosed sum. Vigilante is the second company to join the ZeroFox family in the last three quarters, following the merger with Cyveillance that was announced in October 2020.

With over a decade of experience in targeted threat hunting and cultivating trusted personas within the underground economy, Vigilante fulfills demanding intelligence requirements for a broad range of companies across a diverse array of industries, including many of the Fortune 50.

Vigilante’s global team of expert operatives and analysts will be integrated with ZeroFox to enable access to unique data sets and exotic threat research unattainable by any other provider. ZeroFox said its now-enhanced platform delivers the industry’s most robust ability to understand public attack surface exposure and protect organizations from dark web activity at an even greater scale.

The addition of Vigilante will extend intelligence and protection resources to customers, increasing decision efficiency, through a combined solution focused on deep expertise in human intelligence and AI processing of massive datasets from dark web sources.

Vigilante will be integrated into ZeroFox immediately, providing customers access to an exclusive Dark Ops offering that delivers clients exclusive access to the criminal underground through a team of elite dark web operatives that conduct actor attribution, asset recovery and more.

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