D2iQ has made available Dispatch, an integrated GitOps platform for building and deploying cloud native microservices-based applications.

Dispatch is said to enable a clear separation of responsibilities between application developers and operators, thus providing enterprises with the flexibility, speed and consistency required to enhance DevOps processes for successful Day 2 operations.

Dispatch also allows developers and operators to transition to modern GitOps processes, with a full lifecycle of continuous integration / continuous delivery (CI/CD) capabilities to simplify the delivery of new code for their audiences.

According to the company, Dispatch empowers developers with a single-pipeline solution that builds anywhere, without requiring configuration changes. With GitOps code repositories for the configuration of a Kubernetes cluster, application or other infrastructure, Dispatch provides operators with the flexibility to make localized pipeline changes without affecting the global state of the system, while also empowering operators to validate without user impact.

Dispatch is built from the ground up with open-source cloud native technologies, enabling developers to take advantage of the feature-rich infrastructure.

D2iQ Dispatch, bundled with D2iQ’s Kubernetes distribution Konvoy, is now available.

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