Here are your daily news updates from February 20, 2020.

1) Former Uber executives and TubeMogul founders have created a new artificial intelligence and machine learning company called Arize AI, which focusses on observability in AI & ML. The company has come out of stealth and has already raised more than $4 million in funding by Foundation Capital. In its infancy, Arize AI has already made its first acquisition. It has acquired a Y-Combinator backed company called Monitor ML. According to its Arize AI CEO Jason Lopatecki, the company is providing more than just ‘a metric that says it’s good or bad,’ but rather a wide range of information that can help teams see how a model is performing — and if there are issues, whether those issues are with the data or with the model itself. Besides giving companies a better handle on how their AI and ML models are doing, Lopatecki said this will also allow customers to make better use of their data scientists.
Source: TechCrunch, Arize AL

2) Virtual reality video games, activity monitors, and handheld computer devices can help people stand as well as walk, the largest trial worldwide into the effects of digital devices in rehabilitation has found. Participants used on average four different devices while in hospital and two different devices when at home. Fitbits were the most commonly used digital device but also tested on people in hospital and at home were a suite of devices like Xbox, Wii and iPads, making the exercises more interactive and enabling remote connection with their physiotherapist.
Source: MedicalXpress

3) Data is valuable for helping developers and engineers to build new features and better innovate. But that data is often highly sensitive and out of reach, kept under lock and key by red tape and compliance, which can take weeks to get approval. So, the engineers from NSA and Amazon started Gretel, an early-stage startup that aims to help developers safely share and collaborate with sensitive data in real time.
Source: TechCrunch

… to be continued

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