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DaoCloud Upgrades CNCF Membership To Gold


The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) announced that DaoCloud, a cloud-native innovator in China, has increased its membership to Gold. DaoCloud joined CNCF in early 2017. Since then the team has been a prolific contributor, including Kubernetes, where code contributions have ranked third globally and first in China in the last year.

DaoCloud’s contributions to projects including Istio, containerd, KubeEdge, and Karmada consistently rank among the top three worldwide. DaoCloud has independently open-sourced nine projects.

“As one of the early members of CNCF, DaoCloud has been an influential member, especially in the APAC region, as one of the first CNCF-certified Kubernetes training partners,” said Chris Aniszczyk, CTO of CNCF.

“CNCF has been an exceptional environment to drive innovation and has played an integral role in our organization. Each of our 100+ developers plays a unique role in contributing to CNCF projects, holding 11 approver seats, 11 reviewer roles, and 20 ownership and maintenance responsibilities. We have leveraged our extensive technical expertise and client requirements to drive dozens of open source initiatives built on Kubernetes, of which four – Clusterpedia, Merbridge, Hwameistor, and Piraeus – are in the CNCF Sandbox,” said Roby Chen, Founder and CEO of DaoCloud.

Chen added, “Upgrading to a Gold member makes sense for us as we utilize the broader platform and enhanced benefits to share cloud native knowledge, empower more enterprises, and thereby expand the influence of cloud native technology throughout China.”

DaoCloud employees have also received recognition for their contributions to the CNCF ecosystem.