Guest: Margaret Hoagland (LinkedIn)
Company: SIOS Technology (Twitter)

SIOS is a high availability, failover clustering software that protects critical applications in the cloud or on premises. In this episode of 2023 Predictions, VP of Global Sales and Marketing Margaret Hoagland shares her thoughts on what will happen in the industry this new year.

Hoagland predicts two trends for 2023:

  • Data democratization will drive the need for high availability. As more and more people have access to data and use it in their day-to-day business than ever before, there is a pressing need for high availability.
  • Companies will perform cloud evaluation and reassess their cloud stance. After COVID, there is a need to examine if they want to go back to an on-premise environment or move different workloads in different clouds.

This year, SIOS will continue to focus on

  • High availability, ensuring companies can set up, configure failover, and maintain their systems as cost effective as possible.
  • Cloud enablement and ease of use.

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