Datadobi and Wasabi have entered into a ‘technology alliance partnership‘, under which DobiMigrate and DobiProtect have been tested and validated to integrate with Wasabi hot cloud storage.

The new joint offering provides channel solutions providers and end clients with an enterprise-class solution for migrating unstructured data from anywhere to Wasabi hot cloud storage.

According to the company, it also offers enhanced protection against accidents, ransomware, and other cyberthreats — at a total storage cost that is as much as 80% less than competitors.

Channel solutions providers and/or end clients that wish to store business-critical data with Wasabi can now leverage DobiMigrate to increase data migration speed, safety, and efficiency; and in doing so, realize faster ROI and lower TCO on their cloud storage investment.

In addition, for those that wish to further fortify their data protection, DobiProtect enables Wasabi storage to be leveraged as a bunker site to store and protect golden copies of business-critical data.

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