Cloud Native ComputingDevelopersDevOpsNews Raises $17.5M To Help Companies Build And Manage Data Products


Data products company has raised $17.5 million in a recent Series A financing round. The investment comes 15 months after the company’s initial seed funding of $10m in January of 2022, during which time the market has grown exponentially. The round includes new investor Notion Capital, who joins existing investors Anthos Capital and Snowflake Ventures.

The new investment comes as experiences explosive growth, with a breakout FY23 that saw 400% ARR growth as demand for its products accelerated and market awareness grew. Use of the SaaS platform has grown exponentially, with more than 1 million pipelines runs, more than 10 million jobs orchestrated, and more than 50 million tests performed over the last year. The company’s momentum is expected to continue, as it expands its product offerings and increases its market share. provides a platform that helps organizations build, test and deploy Data Products by streamlining and automating data operations (DataOps), making it easier for companies to manage and analyze large amounts of data.

On average, has seen cost reductions in excess of 30% and often much greater for clients. Its products help companies automate repetitive tasks, increase efficiency, and improve security. With the new funding, plans to further develop its platform and expand its team.