DataStax, the real-time data company, and Decodable, the streaming processing platform company, have joined hands to help developers build modern real-time applications and deliver data services in minutes and at dramatically lower cost. As a result of the partnership, the two companies will connect their cloud services to deliver the benefits of three powerful open source technologies together: Apache Pulsar, Apache Flink and Apache Cassandra.

The joint solution will be offered as fully-managed services available on any cloud through DataStax’s Cassandra-based Astra DB, Pulsar-based Astra Streaming, and Decodable’s SQL-based stream processing platform powered by Apache Flink.

The services are connected through APIs, and enable developers to easily build a complete, end-to-end, real-time data analytics pipeline and applications in minutes.

Decodable seamlessly unleashes data trapped in disparate systems so it can be ingested into Astra DB and Astra Streaming in real-time without the need to manage and scale underlying infrastructure.

The combination of Decodable’s open source, stream processing capabilities connected to DataStax’s open stack for real-time applications enables developer and data engineering teams to: connect to operational, analytic and streaming systems in minutes using Decodable and Astra Streaming, process streaming data using Decodable’s SQL pipelines, deliver data from DataStax’s multi-cloud DBaaS, Astra DB, and advanced unified event streaming service, Astra Streaming, to power modern real-time applications and machine learning.

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