DataStax has joined hands with NetApp to deliver full lifecycle management for cloud-native data in its DataStax Enterprise database as well as open source Apache Cassandra clusters.

As part of this partnership, the two companies have worked together to integrate the NetApp Astra data management service for Kubernetes workloads with DataStax Enterprise and Cassandra to provide a single pane of glass management for Cassandra data in modern containerized environments.

With the tested and certified DataStax and NetApp solution, enterprises can automate the implementation of Cassandra clusters as well as simplify operations and lifecycle management processes around applications, data and container images on Kubernetes.

The DataStax and NetApp integration provides faster time to value when delivering business applications through automatic storage provisioning and storage class setup processes, and also improved application unit and system testing efficiency with cloning and migration of application clusters.

The integration offers rich data management services, including data protection, business continuity and disaster recovery, active cloning, activity log, and more. This supports rapid recovery from a disaster, or point-in-time copy recovery of DataStax Enterprise or Apache Cassandra clusters to avoid bad transactions.

The DataStax and NetApp solution is now available.

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