Tim Wagner, CEO of Vendia who helped start the serverless movement with the original business plan for AWS Lambda, shares his predictions for 2021. According to Wagner:

  • More cloud vendor lock-ins will be broken in 2021. Open Source announcements at AWS re:invent will trigger a change in the public cloud space. We will see other clouds follow suit, effectively creating an industry standard that’s 100% compatible with the way people work today with container images. Without having that vendor’s proprietary locking mechanism it’s going to revolutionize how IT and developers think about building things and applications in the cloud.
  • Time of death on deployment and CI/CD as third party space. Days of building businesses around CI/CD and APM are numbered as coding and Ops is going to become smarter and safer through AI and ML. The fortune 500 will begin to mandate that automation rather than people are used internally and from vendors. Things like AWS Code Guru and AWS DevOps Guru are the beginning of a tidal wave of change across our industry.
  • The emergence of next-generation blockchain solutions. Blockchain bombed outside of brokerage because the first generation blockchain solutions are based on a poor architecture with poor performance, limited storage, and clunky integration. The next generation of blockchain technologies will be powered by serverless, cloud technologies to offer more scalable and more enterprise-focused solutions that are solving these real problems.

[su_note note_color=”#e4e4e4″ text_color=”#000″ class=”hvr-grow” ] Vendia is an enterprise-grade, distributed platform that enables customers to share data and code in real time across multiple clouds and companies. Vendia is designed to be simple to use and easy to deploy by bringing together the ease-of-use and unlimited scalability of serverless, with the decentralization benefits of blockchain and distributed ledgers so that enterprise IT can access and manage data easily, securely, and at scale, no matter where it resides.[/su_note]

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