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Debugging Everything – Serverless, Kubernetes or Legacy Servers | Liran Haimovitch


In this episode of “Let’s Talk”, Liran Haimovitch, co-founder of Rookout talks about data collection from modern apps.

“Rookout is a data collection and debugging platform that allows our customers to collect any piece of data they want from the code that’s running anywhere in the world, whether it’s classic legacy servers, Kubernetes, serverless, or even in staging and production environment,” Haimovitch

Host: Swapnil Bhartiya – founder & editor in chief, TFIR.IO
Guest: Liran Haimovitch, co-founder of Rookout
Location: KubeCon + CloudNativeCon (Barcelona, Spain)
Date of recording: May 22, 2019

Topics we discussed:
00:00:28 What is Rookout
00:00:44 What was the reason you created Rookout?
00:01:32 When you decided to create a company around the project
00:03:50 Rookout is the only company that debugs Serverless
00:05:06 What trends do you see in this space
00:06:00 Your experience at KubeCon?

You can also listen to the interview on SoundCloud Podcast.