Decodable has announced new features in its enterprise-ready platform built on Apache Flink, the stream processing technology. The Decodable platform rounds out open source Apache Flink with capabilities that deliver security, efficiency and performance, enabling enterprise users to connect to anything, develop with speed and operate with confidence.

With the features made available, the Decodable platform eliminates the toil of building and managing a stream processing platform by wrapping Flink with complementary, enterprise-friendly capabilities, including:

  • Task sizing—One of the primary drawbacks of stream processing is that it can be “resource hungry,” and many organizations deal with this by over-provisioning, which can be very costly. Decodable overcomes this by using task sizing to dynamically configure workloads to maximize performance and minimize cost.
  • Comprehensive connector library—The Decodable platform includes a large and growing library of out-of-the-box connectors to enable data ingestion from any data source, including databases with change-data capture, and egress to any data sink with minimal configuration and setup.
  • Enterprise support—The Decodable platform features pay-as-you-go pricing. Enterprise support means no version upgrades and no patch management.
  • Fully managed SaaS with serverless architecture—Decodable works with any cloud setup, giving you all the choice and flexibility you need.
    Reliability and security—SOC2 Type II and GDPR compliant, the Decodable platform is architected for reliability and security, with safety and privacy protocols built in. The platform also includes separate control and data planes, and logs for compliance and audits.
  • Day 2 operations—The Decodable platform incorporates proactive measures to prevent the most common pipeline failures before they happen. For example, schema evolution and robust recovery and restart capabilities are built in.

The Decodable platform enables workflow automation and sharing across all teams who have an interest in pipelines and data products. With Decodable, you can rapidly prototype and iterate stream processing pipelines and deploy to production via an optimized developer “inner loop” that provides an intuitive, smooth developer workflow.

The Decodable platform is a fully integrated platform with simple abstractions. It is equipped with REST API and scriptable CLI for automation and integration with existing GitOps tools and processes. It offers self-service access to data products built by other teams. Decodable also provides abstractions to simplify using powerful Flink jobs and Kafka topics.

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