Guest: Julie Trias (LinkedIn)
Company: Teleskope
Show: Let’s See

Teleskope, a data protection platform that is built for automation, is all about providing companies with a complete picture of their security and privacy posture of their data so that they can understand and mitigate the risks around how they’re stored and accessed.

Teleskope caters to a wide range of industries including fintech, healthcare, skincare, travel, consumer, and business development.

Beyond these regulated industries, today there is a new norm of almost every mobile app getting access to sensitive health and financial information stored on our phones. Teleskope Co-Founder and CTO Julie Trias clarifies that these companies are not essentially tapping into our sensitive data. However, she is concerned about potential data breaches through these companies, so Teleskope’s scope goes beyond regulated industries and it helps any company that deals with sensitive data.

Let’s See How It Works

In this video, Trias goes on to demonstrate the capabilities of the Data Protection Platform:

  • Auto-discovery: how to find all of your data in the different cloud environments or third parties (AWS, GCP, Snowflake, Google Drive) and then Teleskope will tell you what types of sensitive data are within them.
  • Data classification: Not only will it identify what data element is found (e.g., address), it can identify whether it is personal identifiable information (PII) or not (e.g., it belongs to a customer). A bank branch address or a restaurant address is not PII.
  • You get an up-to-date picture of all your data that you can filter to find what you want. If you have a data breach and you want to know what data was compromised, you can tell which user identifiers were compromised. You can take action and let your stakeholders know.
  • How to surface security issues related to the data source based on criticality level, e.g., a database cluster that is open to the world will be marked as critical because it contains payments and personal information.
  • She shows how to enable different compliance standards that they want to adhere to (NIST, ISO 27001, GDPR, UK GDPR, PRPL, etc.). There is also a feature to delete data when a customer asks for their data to be deleted.

Teleskope Scan and Redact API demo:

  • To protect sensitive information, it can automatically classify or scrub data before it hits its destination.
  • When it scans for sensitive information such as passwords, API keys, credit card numbers, it checks if they are still valid or not to eliminate alert fatigue.
  • It can be used in your logging aggregator to make sure that you’re not leaking sensitive information into the logs.
  • To prevent fraud, it can also redact data between messaging systems within your app or within your company so that customers can’t gain access to info for credit card data.

This summary was written by Camille Gregory & Swapnil “Swap” Bhartiya.

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