The U.S. Department of Energy has awarded $40 million to fund 15 projects as part of a government program called COOLERCHIPS. NVIDIA has been granted $5 million to develop a novel modular datacenter with an innovative cooling system to boost data center energy efficiency over today’s air-cooled techniques.

According to a blog post by NVIDIA, their new approach promises to “cool a data center packed into a mobile container, even when it’s placed in an environment up to 40 degrees Celsius and is drawing 200kW — 25x the power of today’s server racks.”

This will also have a direct impact on a much bigger problem: climate change. NVIDIA claims that their new technology will cost at least 5% less and run 20% more efficiently than today’s air-cooled approaches. It’s much quieter and has a smaller carbon footprint too.

“That’s a great achievement for our engineers who are very smart folks,” said Ali Heydari, Data Center Technologist at NVIDIA.

There are many coordinated efforts going on to reduce our carbon footprint. This week, LF Energy is hosting its summit in Paris to bring together private and public sectors to learn how LF Energy and its projects are leading the charge in this effort, and to collaborate and share best practices to speed innovation.

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