SUSE has some of the best-of-the-breed gems for DevOps teams. SUSE Manager is one of them.

SUSE, a provider of open source infrastructure solutions, has released SUSE Manager 4, a comprehensive environment for lifecycle management of hundreds and thousands of Linux systems.

It can manage hypervisors, containers, bare metal systems, IoT devices, and third-party cloud platforms. It also provides automated software management, asset management, and system provisioning to keep these systems up to date.

At the heart of SUSE Manager is an open source project called Salt that provides event-driven configuration and management control. The Salt-master orchestrates thousands of Salt-minions (SUSE Manager Clients) using remote execution.

Three main features of this release, as highlighted by SUSE include:

• Reduce costs and simplify management with enhanced content lifecycle management that makes it easier to move and manage packages throughout the DevOps cycle. Salt-based virtual machine management allows near real-time management of hundreds of servers.

• Increase availability and visibility with expanded monitoring and alerting capabilities built on the next-generation Prometheus-based monitoring stack. This enables customers to easily identify and resolve issues.

• Reduce complexity and regain control of complex heterogeneous IT environments with expanded operating system support and new SAP HANA deployment capabilities. They make it easier than ever to implement install, configure and patch SAP HANA.

The version 4.0 of SUSE Manager introduces a new feature called Content Lifecycle Management which provides the capability to clone software channels through a lifecycle of several environments.

In addition, SUSE has also introduced SUSE Manager for Retail 4, which is
optimized and tailored specifically for the retail industry.

You can get a 60 days free trial of SUSE Manager 4.

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