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DevOps Teams Get A Self-Hosted Version Of Cloudify With Terraform UI Experience


Cloudify has announced the release of a free Terraform UI experience that enables DevOps professionals to import unlimited Terraform modules to Cloudify without writing blueprints or glue code. This advancement enables DevOps teams to turn their Terraform modules into self-service environments and scale up their services to the organization through Cloudify’s Environment as a Service approach.

Users can now manage multiple concurrent Terraform versions and deploy multiple development, testing or production environments with different secrets and capabilities. They can also control all Terraform models and versions with a central management console.

With the launch of the Terraform UI experience, Cloudify now automatically generates the wrapper required for each Terraform template—no blueprints or glue code required—thereby providing users with seamless orchestration and consistent management of multiple Terraform modules on the Cloudify infrastructure automation platform.

Cloudify and its Terraform UI experience are available for download at no cost and with no expiration date. With this free-forever offering, a Terraform team can build unlimited Terraform environments together, manage secrets, execute concurrent deployments, store states remotely, and monitor deployments, users and versions.

Cloudify also offers a free-for-30-days hosted solution for DevOps teams that want to explore Cloudify’s full-featured environment-as-a-service offering and the new Terraform UI experience. In addition, longer-term, enterprise-grade packages of Cloudify featuring the new Terraform UI experience are also available.